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Out of the Black Shadows (BK1117)

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Stephen Lungu & Anne Coomes


Stephen was abandoned by his parents when just 7 years old. After briefly staying with an uncaring aunt, he ran away, preferring to live on the streets of Salisbury, Rhodesia. 

To survive he slept under bridges and scavenged food from the dustbins of the affluent white residents. He joined a gang called “The Black Shadows” and participated in theft and violence. Intending to fire bomb the tent of a travelling evangelist, Stephen instead listened to the preacher’s message and was miraculously saved that night.

He matured in Christ and then became a full-time evangelist, preaching the gospel throughout Africa and overseas, and went on to become the International Team Leader for Africa Enterprise.

A truly amazing story of God’s amazing grace.

252 pages

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