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Daughter of Cana (BK1040)

Product Code : BK1040
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Angela Hunt

Here Angela uses her wonderful story-telling skills to create an emotional account of how the caterer at the wedding feast at Cana gradually changes her sceptical views of Jesus of Nazareth. As she hears some of His teaching over the following 3 years, and sees some of the miracles He performs, she slowly warms to who He might really be. The story concludes with the death and resurrection of our Lord, and her saving faith in the Son of God. As well as a “journey into faith” for the central character, this is also a wonderful insight into life in New Testament times, and a realistic glimpse at what the tensions might have been like between our Lord and the members of His earthly family. Excellent reading for all Christians, and for interested non-Christians, too.

384 pages

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